My experiences with new mothers have taught me the importance of positive birth recovery, avoiding the ‘baby blues’ and post-natal depression and the benefits of high energy levels. Every mother own her own placenta, which is rich with minerals and vitamins that can benefit you. For instance:

  • Increase milk supply

  • Lifted energy levels

  • Reduce the chances for PND

I’ll be happy to discuss and share any information with you to help you make a decision on which remedies might be best for your needs.

Placenta Services Offered

  • Simple Placenta Capsules (£220)

  • TCM Placenta Capsules (£220)

  • Placenta Printing (£10)

  • Placenta Smoothies (£30)

  • Tincture (£45 when ordered with capsules, £70 when ordered separately)

  • Homeopathic Placenta Remedies 30c & 7c (£60)

How does it work?

  • A collection kit will be delivered to you at 36/37 weeks. It includes:

    • Handling instructions for you.

    • Handling instructions for the midwife.

    • Cooler & storage bags.

    • Ice blocks.

    • Labels.

  • Once the placenta is deliver, the kit will be collected within 12 hours (from the hospital or home).

  • The capsules will be ready within 3 days (6 weeks for Tincture and Homeopathic remedies).

For more information please refer to this guide and these FAQs.