It's all about you...

I believe it is important for women to understand their choices - it’s your birth, your baby and your journey.

My role as a doula is to help you to find your voice, fulfil your wishes, and give you a better understanding of your choices during your birth and postnatal period. I want you to have a better control over your pregnancy and birth and be able to make more informed decisions.

Much can be improved by providing women with necessary information, and harnessing the great capabilities of our body and mind. This is to complement modern medicine, which is sometimes impersonal.

Each pregnancy, birth and baby are different and special in their own way. Every woman and her partner deserves loving care, support and familiar face during this special time.


A bit about me

I live in Bounds Green, North London, with my husband, our three daughters, and a cat.


My doulaing experience

I have supported women with diverse wishes, from where she feels more comfortable to give birth (home, birth centre and labor ward) to what kind of birth she wishes for (natural birth, active birth, birth with all kind of pain relief, C-section birth and VBAC).


My own birth experience

I gave three births:

  1. Cesarean
  2. Hospital VBAC
  3. Water birth at home.

These taught me that our body can propel a hugely positive birth experience and the magical moments that follow. It gave me a lot of inner strength and I wanted to help other women to have a better experience, and the birth they want. So I’ve reseted my MBA and instead of going back to work I’ve decided to go with my heart and become a Doula.




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Hagit helped us write and follow a beautiful birth plan that resulted in going into labour where we felt prepared and ready for the experience. Hagit guided us throughout labour, providing calming atmosphere with her words, music, guided meditation, massage which were like a natural pain relief. After what was quite a fast labour, I suffered from a retained placenta, having Hagit there made all the difference as she looked after and nurtured our baby while my partner stayed with me in theatre. We can honestly say Hagit made the delivery of our second son a feel much more joyful and secure experience.
— Avivit Lagrem
I had a picture in my mind of how good and powerful the birth experience could be but Hagit with her special touch brought it to another level. With her encouragement, professionalism, strong intuition and pleasant manner, she did and said exactly what I needed. From the moment Hagit entered the room, bit by bit, she made me believe in myself and reminded my body how to move, how to breath, how to gain its strength. She touched me and talked gently and displayed the perfect balance of soft and assertive. Thank you Hagit, I’m so so grateful.
— Shira Melendez